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Agricultural Starter – 9172722- QDJ2305B
Agricultural Starter – 9172722- QDJ2305B

Agricultural Starter – 9172722- QDJ2305B

OEM: 9172722 / QDJ2305B Starter – Professional Magneton agricultural starter manufacturer – Application: N/A


Agricultural Starter  QDJ2305B( Magneton , 9172722 )
OEM: 9172722
Specification: Voltage:24V Kilowatt:4.0kw Teeth: 11-T Rotation: CW
Application: N/A

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OEM: 9172722 / QDJ2305B Starter – Professional Magneton starter manufacturer – Application: N/A

Jiangxi Binli Auto Appliance CO.,LTD is one of the China AGRICULTURAL / PASSENGER STARTER and ALTERNATOR manufacturer and supplier.
We can offer more than 300 types of high-quality STARTERS and ALTERNATORS of AGRICULTURAL / PASSENGER with our professional and experienced team we are always devoting to have better quality and long-term cooperation for our customer.

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Thank you for your interest in our OEM:  9172722 ,Magneton Starter  products.

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Main including: OEM:  9172722 , Magneton Agricultural Starter

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